November 12-14 Training Weekend at Maple Fork Lodge

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The importance of being prepared in today's uncertain world can't be overstated. Time and money invested in your family's personal safety is never wasted.
We're offering a three-day weekend of training at Maple Fork Lodge with one of the best firearms trainers in the country, Joe Collins.
A consummate example of resilience and personal discipline, Collins served in combat with both the United States Marine Corps and the US Army on multiple deployments to the middle east, surviving dozens of battles and IED attacks. He then returned stateside and became a police officer, receiving many accolades and decorations for his actions in the line of duty. Since leaving public service, he has made a living giving high-end training to corporate and government clients. There are few men alive with the breadth of experience and professionalism Collins brings to the table.
Our three-day course is intended to take you from a range shooter to a survivor. We'll work on getting you prepared mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually for the future. Real crisis events never take place in a controlled environment, and involve much more than firearms training. During g the three-day training, in addition to plenty of time on the range, we'll have time to have in-depth discussions about developing a bulletproof mindset, being prepared before, during and after the fight.
The training will take place at Maple Fork Lodge, one of the finest family-run lodges on the Eastern seaboard. The finely-appointed log home accommodates up to 35 people in a comfortable, intimate setting, with an 11-lane pistol range, as well as carbine, rifle and shotgun ranges.
Slots are limited, so don't wait. $400 per person includes tuition, food and accommodations. Bring your weapon, hearing and eye protection, and 300 rounds of ammunition.
As a bonus, Joe will give a combat medical training segment.
It will be a great weekend, suitable for anyone 16 and up. Bring your sons.