Armenia trip 3-day add-on to the Nagorno Karabach

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We'll spend 9-12 May in the War-torn Nagorno-Karabach region, seeing the results of last year's devastating conflict and meeting and helping those who are still displaced.  We must get VISAS issued by the Republic of Artsakh (what Armenians call the Nagorno Karabach) to enter, and this may be affected by politics or the outbreak of violence while we are there.  The area is not currently in conflict, but it is more dangerous than the rest of Armenia due to the looming specter of more fighting breaking out.  

We will get the visa issue handled when we arrive in Armenia.  You need do nothing.

We will travel to Stepanakert, the capital of Artsakh, and stay in a hotel there.  

IF for some reason we are not allowed to enter the NG region, we will spend these days meeting and helping refugees in Armenia and seeing more sights.